Golf portable driving range


As a golf trainer, I was surprised that no one had already invented anything as great as this before. It's a brilliant device for stepping up your golf training. It works perfectly on both short and long shots. In case of long shots, I was surprised how precisely the device evaluates the likely carry distance of the ball (if it had not been slowed).

I can recommend GMB to everyone who can't get to the driving range as often as they'd like as the best tool to step up their golf training. Of all the aids on the market, GMB definitely comes closest to really hitting a drive with a real ball. It's essentially identical – you just don't see the slice and hook.

Petr N., Poděbrady

I've been playing golf for about five years now and I always was a beginner who couldn't get their handicap below 30. This was mainly because I don't have time to go to the driving range three times a week. I found the solution in a new device called GMB, a tool I use almost every day. Using it, I can practice golf drives in the back yard. I saw results after just three months, when I suddenly improved my handicap from 33 to 26 – all thanks to training on GMB.

Pavel D., Praha

As the manager of a company, I'm constantly on the road and I don't have time to look for golf courses everywhere I go in order to train as often as possible. That's why I always have GMB with me. Wherever I am in the world, I always find a 40 to 60 metre space near the hotel so I can train. Since I've been using GMB, I've significantly improved my short shots and my confidence on long shots has increased. I can recommend GMB to everyone who is unable get to the driving range regularly.

Pavel Z., Senohraby

Because I don't live close to a training centre and I can't train as often as I'd like, I started to use GMB. I was surprised by how quickly I can set the device up. It definitely takes less than a minute and I can train just as well as if I had spent over an hour getting to the driving range. Thanks to daily training, over the past months my game has improved significantly (from HCP 33 to 25). I go to the driving range mainly to control long shots and to take lessons with a golf instructor.

Honza A., Praha

I thought about how to increase my small hotel's business by providing something that others don't offer their guests. Given the increasing interest in golf, I decided for GMB. I mowed part of a meadow in front of the hotel, installed GMB and golf enthusiasts and novices alike have fun. We have contests for the more precise shot, the longest drive using various golf clubs .... The advantage is that we play golf, but the players stay and spend time at my hotel.

Stanislav Z., Beskydy

Our five-year-old son is obsessed with golf. Because neither my husband not I have time to bring him to the driving range every day, we installed GMB in the garden. Our son operates it himself and can play to his heart's content. I don't have to travel anywhere, he stays within view and our son is happy.

Jarmila H., Brno

My parents make me go to the cabin every weekend, where the closest golf course is about a 30 minute drive away and someone needs to bring me there. It's okay getting to the course, but driving an hour to bring me there and an hour back just so I can hit 100 drives is a bit too much. It's great that my father bought GMB. When I have time, I run out to the field behind the cabin or over to the football field, I set up GMB in a minute and I'm ready to train. The product is simply brilliant.

Adam D., Malá Lečice

What I dislike most is that when I want to train in the afternoon, all the driving ranges are full and I often have to wait a long time before a space becomes available. That's why I bought GMB and train almost every day on the lawn in front of my home or at the nearby school playground. I just go to the driving range to check my long shots and take lessons with an instructor. Thanks to daily training, my game has improved dramatically and become more confident. All that thanks to GMB.

Stanislav Š, Jižní Město