Golf portable driving range


How many drives can I hit without having to plug the device in?

How long the battery lasts depends on the distance the balls are driven, how quickly they are returned, the terrain conditions, what resistance the ball has to overcome to return (e.g. resistance is constant in water and the battery lasts less). Up to 900 drives can be hit on one charge, depending on the conditions listed above.

How long does the tethered ball last?

How powerfully the ball is hit, the quality of the drives (if the balls are topped), terrain conditions …. After a few hundred drives, even a ball that has not been drilled can dramatically lose its bounce and quality; this can also be observed in drilled balls. Generally speaking, a ball that has been drilled has about 10% less endurance. The ball is a standard golf ball that has been drilled into and is on a sliding tether to a nylon line.

How long does the nylon line last?

How long the nylon line lasts depends on the distance and speed of the drive, how efficient slowing is, the terrain conditions... Generally speaking, the line lasts longest when slowing efficiency is low and play is on a green cut to fairway length. After simulated burden tests it can be said that when following the instructions and not tugging the ball out of obstacles, the nylon line lasts for more than 5,000 drive hits. It can even last 30,000 hits.

Compared with the true carry distance, how much does the device deviate in calculating the carry distance for a tethered and slowed ball on the display?

Even based on what golf instructors who tested the device say, the calculation is highly exact. They positively assessed the club calibration function which allows distances to be averaged more precisely than by just visually observing the drive distance on the driving range.

What does the PITCH regime mean?

The PITCH regime serves for practicing short shots. In this regime, the ball is not slowed; only at the end of the nylon line, a protection program slows and stops the ball from unwinding so that it will not be ripped out of the reel.

What does the club calibration function mean?

The club calibration option allows one to relatively precisely measure how many metres the player hits with each club.

Can the ball be placed on the mat any way I want?

When placing the ball on the mat, it’s enough to pay attention to three things:

  1. Make sure the nylon line protruding from the ball is aimed at the eyelet of the guide and control rod, and never towards the club you are using to hit the ball as the club could sever the line.
  2. Make sure the nylon line is not wound around the end of the guide and control rod, as it could be broken off if the ball is hit at high speed.
  3. The nylon line must freely unwind from the reel. This can be checked by placing the ball on the mat.